Resident Benefits Package

Greener Montana Properties offers the following services to residents in our residential properties. The cost for this program is $10.00 and is added to all residential leases. 

Wave Late Fee

We will waive one late fee per contract year if the payment is made by certified funds before the 10th of the month. You must arrange before the 1st of the month to utilize this benefit. 

NSF Fee Reduction

First NSF fee reduction from $30.00 to $4.00. Reduction only applies if account is brought current with 3 days of notification. 

Free Battery Replacement

If you hear your detectors (Smoke Alarms, CO & Gas Detectors and HVAC Control Unit) beeping due to low battery, give us a call and we will get you taken care of free of cost to you. 

24 Hour Maintenance Support

Talk to a local person (no call centers) 24 hours a day for maintenance emergencies. 

Online Resident Portal

A customized resident portal allowing you to view all your payments, contracts, submit work orders, and more. 

Free EFT Payments

Pay online for free with your checking account and routing number. 

Credit Card Payments

Make payments with your credit card. A processing fee may apply. 

Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program

HVAC filters regularly delivered to their doorstep under the Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program. This saves 5-15% on your energy bill and helps ensure a clean, healthy living environment.